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My Journey

Clients value my deep curiosity about the human experience and my ability to create a warm environment for them to be vulnerable and dig deep. These are my superpowers, as I discovered on my own journey from “bossy” and “bubbly” little girl to confident and engaging woman leader. I became a coach to honor these gifts and create space for women who want to do similar transformational work. 


"I believe a critical component of growing as a leader is a relationship with someone who serves as a thought partner. A person who helps you set goals and holds you accountable in achieving them, asks questions that encourage you to search for a deeper understanding, helps you identify the limiting beliefs standing in your way, provides you with relevant resources to see things with a new perspective, and most importantly, reinforces that you are an intrinsically whole human being capable of positive change."

I personally experienced the benefits of coaching in my first leadership position at the Brookings Institution, overseeing a portfolio of leadership training courses for government executives. 


I designed and led their women’s leadership program, and I remember doing the hard work of building self-confidence and discovering my own unique leadership style right alongside the participants! My assigned executive coach was an indispensable component of that growth.

My approach to coaching has also been informed by the cross-cultural experiences I’ve sought out: pursuing a graduate degree and teaching English in Rome, facilitating Fulbright fellowships for mid-career leaders from 90 different countries, and implementing USAID projects for Egyptian women pursuing a STEM education. The common thread in my journey has been a love of interpersonal discovery and human connection. 


"At the fundamental level, effective leadership development and coaching elevates one’s level of consciousness. If we are all more aware of who we are and how we operate in this world, then our collective humanity improves. My work helps clients get back in touch with that light that lives in all of us, and in the process, let go of the shame and guilt that we carry about our perceived imperfections or shortcomings. I believe in having compassion for oneself and for others, and in leading with curiosity rather than judgment."


  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation

  • M.A. Government & Politics, concentration in International Relations

  • Graduate Certificate in International Law & Diplomacy

  • B.A. Communication and Italian Language & Literature

  • International Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate

As a member of the International Coach Federation, I am committed to upholding the ICF Code of Ethics.

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Check out the award-winning PCDN Social Change Career podcast where I tell my story.

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