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Individual Coaching  

Through an individually tailored approach, I offer passionate and personal support to strengthen your leadership, enhance your life, and help you find your own answers. I do this by listening, asking powerful questions, and empowering you. 

Let's connect for a free discovery session.

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Group Coaching 

Small group coaching provides an intimate environment of exchange and trust-building for a cohort of women to partner with one another in moving towards their unique goals. If you are interested in joining a group as an individual or would like to form your own group, please reach out.


My Philosophy

Learning how to lead oneself is the bedrock of any leadership journey. I believe that positive and sustainable leadership growth cannot be separated from personal growth. This “inner work” of leadership is the foundation for the outer work of leading others.


My role as a coach is to help you do that “inner work” -- gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, your values and motivations, and your individual strengths, while identifying the limiting beliefs that hinder you from leading with authenticity and intentionality. I encourage my clients to be open-minded and experiment with creative ways of leading that leverage their skills and natural gifts.


In particular, I believe that women are both uniquely challenged and equipped for leadership. The very qualities that are perceived as undesirable or threatening in male-dominated spaces are those that, when nurtured and allowed to develop, distinguish women as intrinsically attuned leaders. The qualities that I focus on bringing out in my clients are the pillars of feminine leadership: compassion, curiosity, courage, and clarity. 

My Philosophy

My coaching style resonates most with women who are committed to a larger sense of purpose. This can take many forms, from government to non-profit to mission-driven corporate work. It is also important for any prospective client of mine to understand that whether you’ve hit a crossroads in your career and are unsure of the direction you’d like to go, or whether you’re stepping into your first management role or perhaps you’re already an established leader, the benefits of coaching won’t reveal themselves after one session. Rather, it takes a wholehearted commitment to diving deep into this work during and in between sessions. 

After going through this transformational process, my clients unapologetically show up as their authentic selves. They have an intimate understanding of who they are, what’s important to them and how to act with clarity and intentionality in every sphere of their lives. And they start to fulfill their professional potential by embodying leadership, getting that promotion, or taking their career in a new direction.

My approach is holistic and interdisciplinary in nature. Each individual coaching relationship is co-created and tailored to the client’s needs. Some concepts and tools I draw upon include:​

Are We a Good Fit?

  • Positive psychology and neuroscience

  • Adult learning and development theory

  • Reflective inquiry

  • Mindfulness and mindset work 

  • Self-care practices

  • Leadership and personal assessment tools

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